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Mida MO series: Offset printing presses.

Offset station and water temperature control by Technotrans

Offset station and water temperature control by Technotrans

Printing on non-coated supports presents specific difficulties that often make flexo and typography not fully suitable, and so require Offset printing.

Wet offset

Mida鈥檚 system combines print quality, ease of handling and economy of use, thus offering many advantages over digital and rotary offset printing when dealing with medium and short runs.

In-line combination of printing and finishing processes

  • Semi-rotary modules of printing, varnishing and die cutting, combined with flat bed modules of embossing and hot foil stamping.

聽Electronic inking (Digital Work Flow)

  • Automatic inking by CIP3 files from pre press.
  • Storage of inking profiles of jobs previously printed.
  • Minimum web wastage.
  • Consistency: Homogeneity of colours throughout the runs and in repeat orderss.

Assembly of plates on extractable plate sleeves

Make ready: Reduced times and minimum wastage

  • Automatic pre-register.
  • Register will be kept at variable speed.
  • Storage of production parameters of jobs done.
  • Assembly of plates on sleeves outside machine.
  • Quick Lock system: Insertion and fastening of sleeves tool free.
  • Self-adjustable blanket.

Ergonomics and control

  • Separate cooling of kneading rollers and dampening water.
  • Sliding touch screen for the overall management of the press and the settings of each printing unit.
  • Inking control desk with individual regulation of each ink duct by mouse.

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Benefits of the Mida MO series


  • Fast job changes, no down times.


  • Minimum web wastage during set-ups.
  • Low cost tooling in finishing section.

Technical data

Printing, Varnish and die cutting
Web width 350 mm.
Print width 330 mm.
Repeat length in semi-rotary mode 280 mm.
Flat bed finish. Hot-foil stamping and embossing
Print width 343 mm.
Print repeat 280 mm.
BOB 350 1×80 + 1×400

For further technical details go to the brochure of the MO series

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