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In-line screen printing and finishing. Mida SK series.

Servo-motorised screen printing unit

Servo-motorised screen printing unit

Basic configuration

Flat screen printing and rotary-die cutting on a single bench.

Other finishing options:

  • FLAT BED: Hot-foil stamping and embossing.
  • ROTARY: Flood or spot varnish, lamination with or without adhesive.

Flat silkscreen and rotary die cutting on a single bench

Silkscreen station

  • Squeegee and wiper blade assembly running on rails to make sure the pressure on the screen is uniform in all printing widths.
  • Speeds and pressures. Being the squeegee and wiper servomotor driven,speed and pressure are set from the touch panel.
  • Separate speeds of squeegee for printing and of wiper for ink filling.
  • Swivelling unit, pneumatic lifted, allows the cleaning of the screen without loss of register.
  • Settings of squeegee and wiper, pressure and speed, from the touch panel without stopping printing.


  • Intermittent: Only flat modules.
  • Semi-rotary: Combination of flat and rotary modules on a single bench the web runs straight without intermediate loops.

Minimum web wastage during set-up

Features of Mida silkscreen printing unit

Benefits of SK series

  • Flat silkscreen printing: Cheap, recyclable screens. Low-cost screen processing equipment. Many local suppliers
  • Finishing tooling that is cheap and adapts to order size.
  • Rotary die聽cutting in-line.

Technical data

Web width 350 mm.
Print width 330 mm.
Repeat length 330 mm.
Semi-rotary die cutting 325 mm x 330 mm.
Flat bed embossing 280 mm x 343 mm.
Flat bed hot foil stamping 280 mm x 343 mm.
BOB 350 IN LINE 聽1×800 + 1×400

For more technical details see brochure of the SK series.

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