Why a semi-rotary press?

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Benefits of Mida鈥檚 semi-rotary presses

Printing labels is about聽quality, price and flexibility.

From the several technologies at hand the label printer has to pick out the one that best suits his bussines.

  • Rotary: Flexo, Wet offset.
  • Semi-rotary: Letterpress, Offset (wet or waterless).
  • Digital: Digital Offset, Ink Jet, Toner.
    • The indispensable Varnishing and Die cutting will be carried out in a separate process.

In the medium and small orders segment (300 to 8,500 linear metres) Mida Maquinaria semi-rotary presses are the most profitable option.

Quality, price, flexibility

Specific features of Mida Maquinaria semi-rotary presses

Short make ready and start-up times

  • Plate assembled on sleeves. Only one sleeve size.
  • Assembly of plates outside the machine.
  • Insertion and fastening of sleeves without tools.
  • Electronic pre-register.
  • Electronic pre-inking with Digital Work Flow System.
  • Storage of production parameters and inking profiles of each order.

Minimum web wastage during make ready

  • Reduced web path.
  • Pre set Inking profiles and repeat Production parameters for orders.
  • Register will be kept at variable speed.

Low-cost consumables

  • Plates and tools can be adapted to the size of each order.
  • Low-cost tooling for in-line finish.


  • Production speeds of up to 63 m/minute in semi-rotary mode.
  • Production speeds of up to 40 m/minute with in-line hot stamping.

Shaftless technology, digital inking, automatic register

Seamless flow from file聽to printing

Digital workflow by Mida

Printing and finishing in a single pass

Benefits from Mida maquinaria semi-rotary presses


  • Minimum wastage.
  • Tools adapted to size of order.


  • Minimum idle times.
  • High production speeds.


  • Seamlees flow from file to press.
  • Repeatability.

Competitive position in profitability for medium and small runs.

Mida Maquinaria semi-rotary presses

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